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An application of HDM-4 V2 in Yunnan Province (Democratic Republic of China)

Author: Robert Mesnard

HDM-4 V2 software was used in the Yunnan Sustainable Road Maintenance Project

It focused on the road network of the province, 23 000 Km long. It included the total range of analysis capacities of HDM-4 V2: strategy analysis, establishment of multi-annual programs, and evaluation of projects of immediate rehabilitations.

This application is remarkable for several reasons. It is the first recorded on a very large scale in the PRC. It used data collected as part of the normal management of roads. It provided elements of decision that were traditionally not used in the management. It was able to deliver results within the traditional framework of the management.

The traditional management mode is based on regular monitoring network, synthetic status indicators which, combined with a hierarchy of roads, led to programs.

Data on roads is stored in three separate databases. The treatment of these databases to provide the necessary elements for HDM-4 took only three months. Part of this time was spent on checking the consistency between these three databases.

The main contribution of HDM-4 was to take into account the impact of budget constraints on the medium and long term. The work lists, established with the usual criteria, was very usefully corrected by economic criteria and the application of a new strategy. This one differs from that previously followed in that it introduces preventive maintenance while it was customary to provide heavy rehabilitation work on the poorest roads.

The results of HDM-4 were processed without difficulty to deliver the main synthetic indicator usually used. Thus, policy makers were able to find their usual perception of the road network.

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