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HDM-Sentry - Example Analysis

HDM-Sentry - Example Analysis

Problem Outline: A section of road is constructed using gravel material and requires frequent maintenance to keep it in good condition. Its traffic levels are currently low, and are predicted to grow slowly over time. The road agency are considering an improved maintenance policy, or reconstructing the road to a bituminous road to reduce the frequent annual maintenance requirement.

Can this be economically justified?

Analysis Selection

 HDM-Sentry - Analysis Selection

Analysis Setup

HDM-Sentry - Analysis Setup


Traffic and Environment

HDM-Sentry - Traffic and Environment


Section Creation

HDM-Sentry - Section creation

Maintenance Alternatives

HDM-Sentry - Maintenance Alternatives


Running the analysis

HDM-Sentry - running the analysis


Reporting - Condition

HDM-Sentry - reporting condition

Reporting - Annual Costs

HDM-Sentry - reporting annual costs


Reporting - Traffic Volume

HDM-Sentry - reporting traffic volume

Reporting - Economic Indicators

HDM-Sentry - Reporting Economic Indicators


What Next?

  • The user can quickly change key inputs to determine the effect on the results, for instance, What would happen to the benefits if my traffic growth was ‘High’?
  • The indicative results can be used to justify the need for a more detailed analysis to be performed within HDM-4 to develop a case study for funding. The HDM-Sentry analysis can be used as the staring point for this analysis.

Advanced – View and optimise analysis in HDM-4 Version 2

HDM-Sentry - Advanced – View and optimise analysis in HDM-4 Version 2


HDM-Sentry In Use

  • Multiple analyses can be stored to be viewed and edited when required
  • The three official languages of PIARC are supported: English, French, and Spanish
  • Local currencies can be added for reporting
  • Customised datasets can be developed to support local high level data customisation 

Loading Previous Analyses

HDM-Sentry - Loading previous analyses


Customisation – Language Support

HDM-Sentry - Customisation – Language Support


Customisation – Currency & Datasets

HDM-Sentry - Customisation – Currency & Datasets



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